Common Technology Challenges

Are technology problems holding your business back from success or growth?  While technology is an invaluable, fundamental component of business, it has the ability to break the barriers of function and to bring people together for enhanced business value.  Technology usually is not a solution for a better business, it is just a piece of the puzzle.

Seminal Venture Inc. systematically defines the challenge and creates a strategic plan to resolve.

Human Capital Image.jpeg

human capital

The technology talent is very tight and is very expensive for certain skills.  Retaining IT personnel requires a commitment to education, customer feedback and strategic alignment.  Too often in small businesses, the IT staff is on their own island, working hard but not moving in a direction aligned with the business.  While a business challenge is often addressed with technology, human capital makes the solution a reality.  Trusted IT partners can fill the gap but must be driven toward a common solution architecture.  Is there a human capital program leveraging affordable partners to produce exceptional business value?

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Speed and Agility

At some point, a small business likely heard the complaints from employees and customers regarding the speed of technology.  A common technology problem is “chaos”.  The unorganized workload where the companies leaders set priorities in the moment versus in a systematic means.  It quickly becomes the most frustrating aspects of technology for all employees including the technology staff.  The speed of your technology can be improved with a well-defined process, educating the organization, regular reveals (demos) and results transparency. Is there a methodology to implement the proven agile model?

Cyber Risk Image.jpg

Cyber risk

Regardless of the industry, cyber risk management is a continuous concern.  While security issues seem to begin with technology, they can quickly spiral into problems for enterprise to deal with ~ from the board to the facility managers.  No business is 100% guarded completely from security threats but the risk assessment allows the business to make conscience decisions about risk tolerance.  Small companies cannot afford a security team with CISO, security analyst, and security engineers.  Is there affordable alternatives to manage risk?